Quests in Skyrim refer to the tasks and requests that players receive as they explore the world of Skyrim. Outside of the Main storyline Skyrim also features side quests with huge storylines spanning large regions of land and interacting with many of the worlds inhabitants giving players good reason and good opportunities to explore and discover the lands and its stories. Players may start quests by talking to NPCs but can also start quests through other means such as when reading some books. Quest rewards are various, you could be rewarded with gold, skill levels and even unique weapons and abilities. Completing quests will improve NPC disposition and make them more friendly to you, allowing you to recruit them as followers or even ask them to marry

Your active quests, quests you know about as well as quests you have completed are listed in your Maps and Quests page. Quests are grouped into Main story, Faction and guild quests and then others, listed alphabetically within each grouping. While most quests can be completed without conflict, some active quests may stop you from starting other new quests, for example starting quests from opposing factions.

Main Quest

Act I

Act II


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