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Unbound is a Quest in Skyrim.



I've been captured by the Empire and been sentenced to death alongside Stormcloak rebels. We were being taken to Helgen, but before I could be executed Alduin appeared and attacked the town. I need to find a way out of the town.



  • Make your way to the Keep
  • Enter the Keep with Hadvar or Ralof
  • Escape Helgen
  • Find some equipment
  • Loot Gunjar's body
  • (Optional) Search the barrel for potions
  • (Optional) Attempt to pick the lock to the cage



  • Introduction of characters (both minor and major) with idol conversation.
  • Character Creation
  • Hadvar remarks about how the Hero is not on the list and asks for directions from superior. You are then directd with the rest of the vagabonds and await your execution. After a brief passage from General Tullius directed to Ulfric Stormcloak the executions commences. The first rebel is beheaded and you are next in line. As you watch the headsmen raise his axe a dragon suddenly attacks Helgen. After the impeccable timing of the dragon you follow Ralof into a tower where Ulfric Storcloak resides. You are commanded to make your way up the tower. (Be warned The Dragon bust through the tower and can hurt you with the fire it breathes.) After The Dragon flies away you jump into the nearby building. Make your way down until you come across Hadvar. Follow Hadvar and be sure to avoid The Dragon along the way. Hadvar and the Hero eventually meet up with General Tullius who directs you to the keep. There you encounter Ralof. Hadvar and Ralof have snide remarks to say about each other.
  • Here you have two choices
    1.) Go with Hadvar and get access to a few peices of gold on a table some in the chest along with Imperial Armour.
    A.) Hardvar sets you free, directly in front of you is a table with the gold and other miscellaneous items. Behind you are beds and several chests most of which are empty except one. This chest contains an Imperial Helmet and a few gold. There is a chest (named Warden's Chest) you must loot in order to progress the story. It contains Imperial Light Armour and Boots, the Helgen Keep Key, and an iron sword. Along the wall where the warden's chest is, is another iron sword if Dual wielding is your prefer method of attack. After lowering of the second gate you encounter Stormcloak enemies. Not hostlie at first unless attacked by the Hero or when Hadvar attempts to reason with them. After their defeat you can loot their bodies, then proceed west through the gate which can be opened with the Helegen Keep Key.
    2.) Go with Ralof and get access to stormcloack gear and the same rewards after a small bout with imperial officers.
    There is another thing that may not be known but if you wait long enough The Dragon will fly down to where you are and start fighting you.
  • Depending on the above choices the enemies and allies you have throught the rest of helgen correspond to your choice. Other than these you also get interesting dialouge from various people encountered (most noteably Hadvar and Ralof.)





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