"As a vampire, you will gain new powers, but also a weakness to sunlight"

Vampirism is a disease in Skyrim that is acquired after the Sanguinare Vampiris has infected the body longer than three days. Sanguinare Vampiris can be contracted whenever a vampire casts Vampiric Drain on you, there is a 10% chance for you to be infected with the disease.

A Vampire Lord ability is introduced by the Dawnguard with eleven perks to unlock through leveling up. In addition, when Dawnguard is installed, NPCs no longer automatically turn hostile when the Dragonborn is at stage four vampirism, but they will attack if players are in Vampire Lord form.


Becoming a Vampire in Skyrim

At the beginning, Sanguinare Vampiris is just a normal disease that decrease players maxium Health by 25 points and can be easily cured with a Potion of Cure Disease, a Vigilant of Stendarr, or by shrines.
At sunrise of the first day after contracting Sanguinare Vampiris, a message "You feel strangely weakened by the sunrise" will appear and, at sunset of that day, "You feel a strange thirst come over you".
The disease will progress to full vampirism in three days if without curing, and it can no longer be cured by normal means.


When infected with Lycanthropy, or engaged in Beast Form by Hircine's Ring or completing the Companions questline, characters will fully immune to vampirism.
Other ways to resist diseases apply to Sanguinare Vampiris as well.


Stages of Vampirism in Skyrim

Once a player has fully contracted Vampirism, they will progress through the stages of Vampirism if left untouched. Feeding will return the player to stage one of the process. Each stage grants increasing bonuses to the Vampire powers but also increases the weakness. Having the Dawnguard DLC installed will reduce some of the weaknesses giving players a more comfortable experience.


Resistances Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Stage Four
Resist Disease 100% 100% 100% 100%
Resist Poison 100% 100% 100% 100%
Resist Frost 25% (Dg: 20%) 50% (Dg: 30%) 75% (Dg: 40%) 100% (Dg: 50%)
Weakness to Fire 25% (Dg: 20%) 50% (Dg: 30%) 75% (Dg: 40%) 100% (Dg: 50%)
Weakness to Sunlight -15 to all attributes -30 to all attributes -45 to all attributes -60 to all attributes
Vampiric Drain Drains 2 Health per second
Costs 6 Magicka per second
Drains 3 Health per second
Costs 10 Magicka per second
Drains 4 Health per second
Costs 13 Magicka per second
Drains 5 Health per second
Costs 17 Magicka per second
Vampire's Servant Reanimate a weak dead body Reanimate an average dead body Reanimate a strong dead body Reanimate a very strong dead body


Skyrim Vampirism Spells and Powers

Vampirism unlocks new spells and powers for players to use. As the Vampirism progresses through the stages more spells and powers will be unlocked. At all stages of Vampirism players will have access to Vampiric Drain, Vampire's Servant and Vampires sight, the first of the 2 grows stronger with the stages of vampirism. At stage two Players unlock Vampire's Seduction and at stage four they unlock Embrace of Shadows.

Vampiric Drain

  • If Dawnguard is installed, Vampiric Drain can drain Health, Magicka, and Stamina from the target if a Volkihar optional quest is completed and the Bloodstone Chalice is used.
  • Increases drain amount and Magicka cost with each stage of Vampirism

Vampire's Servant

  • Reanimate a dead body to fight for you for one minute. Can be used once per day
  • The power of the servant increases with each stage of Vampirism thought the duration remains the same.

Vampire's Sight

  • a lesser power granting player Night Eye for 60 seconds

Vampire's Seduction (Stage Two Onwards)

  • This power is similar to the Calm spell and can be used once a day. Once the Dawnguard plug-in is installed, Vampire's Seduction will allow you to feed on NPCs at any time, regardless of whether they are sleeping.If you do not possess this power during the vampire version of the quest ProphetDG, you will temporarily receive it in order to enthrall Dexion Evicus, only to have it disappear after use.

Embrace of Shadows (Stage Four only)

  • Embrace of Shadows is a power similar to the Invisibility spell that can be used once per day. While this power is active, you will be invisible and have Night Eye for 180 seconds. Interacting with the environment or attacking will make you visible again


Skyrim Vampirism Passive Abilities

All Vampires have access to the same passive abilities. As the Vampirism progresses through the stages Weakness to Sunlight increases its effect on attributes by 15 points from a 15 point reduction at stage one to a 60 point reduction at stage four. 

Champion of the Night

  • A permanent active effect you gain from stage one onward that increases the potency of your Illusion spells by 25%.

Nightstalker's Footsteps

  • A permanent active effect you gain from stage one onward that makes you 25% harder to detect while sneaking.

Weakness to Sunlight

  • While outside during the day, Health, Magicka, and Stamina are reduced, and the regeneration for each of these stats is reduced by 100%. Stats are also reduced when in the sun, this reduction increases with each stage of vampirism, as indicated in the table above. Day begins at 5am and ends at 7pm regardless of the visibility of the sun.


Feeding for Vampires in Skyrim

In order to remain at, or return to, the first stage of vampirism, you must feed on a sleeping NPC. To do this press "Use" while crouching or standing over them and select "Feed".

  • Feeding should be done with caution, as witnesses will immediately become hostile.
  • You can feed on almost any NPC that sleeps in a bed, including all races and even ghosts and other vampires, but not children.
  • A sleeping NPC may become hostile if they wake while feeding and detect one of your followers. This can be avoided by having your follower wait outside or providing them with a muffle enchantment.
  • The most effective and safe way to feed is to use an Invisibility effect from either a potion, spell, or the Embrace of Shadows ability, since feeding is one of the few actions that does not cancel the effect.
  • Followers can be fed on with total impunity, so long as there are no other witnesses.
  • The Vampire Cattle are free to use for feeding.


Curing Vampirism

After the first three days of infection, or if you obtained your vampirism from Lord Harkon or Serana, the task of finding a cure becomes more complex

Conventional method

  • When visiting any inn, talk to the innkeeper and he or she will send you to Morthal to talk to Falion. This will start the quest Rising at Dawn
  • However, without Dawnguard installed, the innkeepers may attack player who is on stage four on sight, player may need to feed in order to lessen the effects of your vampirism.


  • Becoming a Werewolf cures vampirism. Aela the Huntress turns the Dragonborn into a werewolf should they decide to join the Companions and become a member of the circle.



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