Potions are consumable items that can be found throughout Skyrim and are covered on this page. Most of the Potions can be purchased, looted and/or created. All potions have 0.5 weight and provide positive effects to the player that can either be all at once or can be provided over a duration. Potions are consumed each only holding 1 use of the potion effect. Player made potions can be crafted through the use of Alchemy which also has skills perks that support potion use.


Different types of Potions in Skyrim

Skyrim has various types of potions that provide different effects to players. 

  • Restoration potions: Health, Magicka or Stamina is immediately restored
  • Regeneration potions: The regeneration of Health, Magicka or Stamina is increased for a duration
  • Fortify Potions: Grants Skill bonuses or Stat bonuses for a duration
  • Cure Potions: Cures diseases
  • Resist Potions: Grants the player Resistances to magic damage or individual elemental damage
  • Invisibility Potions: Turns the player invisible for a duration
  • Waterbreathing Potions: Player is able to breathe underwater for a duration
  • Waterwalking Potions: Player is able to walk on water for a duration
  • Well-being Potions: Restores points in all Health, Magicka and Stamina
  • Thieves Guild Potions: these potions are found in Thief Caches found around Skyrim
  • Unique Potions: Found in various ways with various unique potion effects


Top Useful Potions to Have in Skyrim

The following are some useful potions that players can use to help them during their playthroughs.

  • Potion of invisibility: Allows players to go invisible for a period of time. Enemies can still detect the player through sound cues.
  • Potion of Cure Disease: Cures diseases that the player has been infected with
  • Potions of Fortify Enchanting: Improved enchantment effects when enchanting gear
  • Potions of Fortify Smithing: Improved smithing effects when improving gear
  • Potions of Fortify Health: Good source of profits and Skill gain for Alchemy
  • Various Player crafted potions can be made through the use of Alchemy that can provide powerful and customized effects



Potions in Skyrim


Quick Search of All Skyrim Items 

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Name Description
Potion of Minor Healing

Restore 25 of Health

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