Factions in Skyrim are in-game groups and guilds of NPCs. Several Factions are joinable and the player can join multiple at the same time, as long as the values and goals of the Factions do not clash. Joining a Faction provides the player with several benefits such as free access to their home base and facilities, access to faction-specific Quests, special Equipment, and sometimes even unique abilities. This page contains a list of all joinable Factions in Skyrim.


Skyrim Factions 

The Dark Brotherhood

Leader: Astrid
Faction Base: Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary & Dawnstar Sanctuary
Faction-specific Quests: Dark Brotherhood Quests


The College of Winterhold

Leader: Savos Aren
Faction Base: College of Winterhold
Faction-specific Quests: College of Winterhold Quests


The Companions

Leader: Kodlak Whitemane
Faction Base: Jorrvaskr
Faction-specific Quests: The Companions Quests


Thieves Guild

Leader: Mercer Frey
Faction Base: The Ragged Flagon
Faction-specific Quests: Thieves Guild Quests


The Blades

Leader: Delphine
Faction Base: Sky Haven Temple
Faction-specific Quests: The Blades Quests


Bards College

Leader: Viarmo
Faction Base: Bards College
Faction-specific Quests: Bards College Quests



Leader: Isran
Faction Base: Fort Dawnguard
Faction-specific Quests: Dawnguard Quests


Volkihar Clan

Leader: Harkon
Faction Base: Castle Volkihar
Faction-specific Quests: Volkihar Clan Quests


Imperial Legion

Leader: General Tulius
Faction Base: Castle Dour
Faction-specific Quests: Civil War Quests



Leader: Ulfric Stormcloak
Faction Base: Palace of the Kings
Faction-specific Quests: Civil War Quests

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