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Dawnstar Sanctuary is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

The Dawnstar Sanctuary is an underground location north of the city of Dawnstar, the only other Dark Brotherhood Sancturary in Skyrim, unused for over 100 years.



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Points of interest

  • Jester's Boots, Jester's Gloves, Jester's Clothes and Jester's Hat.
  • Worn Shrouded Boots, Worn Shrouded Gloves, Worn Shrouded Armor and Worn Shrouded Cowl.
  • Copies of Dunmer of Skyrim, Nords of Skyrim, Fire and Darkness, The Marksmanship Lesson, Lost Legends and books ×7.
  • Cooking pot, potions ×2 and Scroll of Fireball ×3, Glass Sword, Elven Sword, Glass Bow.
  • Chests ~1060, ~2100, 1480; coffin ~100 Gold.png value (L68).


Dawnstar Sanctuary Maps

Dawnstar Sanctuary Quests Map


Dawnstar Sanctuary Treasure Map 



  • New Banners — 1000 Gold
  • Poisoner's Nook (with Alchemy lab) — 5000 Gold
  • Torture Chamber (with victims in shackles) — 5000 Gold
  • Secret Entrance — 5000 Gold
  • Master Bedroom (with mannequin) — 3000 Gold

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