"Being moon-born is not so much of a curse as you might think"

Lycanthropy in Skyrim is a disease that can be received. Lycanthropy acts differently to other diseases in that it can only be gained from a specific questline and specific cure. Lycanthropy grants players the Beast Form which can transform the player into a powerful Werewolf. The Ring of Hircine provides an alternate unlimited means of transformation for werewolves.



Becoming a Werewolf in Skyrim

If the Dragonborn contracts Lycanthropy, he or she will have the ability to turn into a werewolf. The only way to get this disease is by going through the Companions questline.

If the player has already been cured of Lycanthropy and would like to once again become a werewolf the Dawnguard DLC allows you to restore your lycanthropy with help from Aela the Huntress. The restoration can only happen once so players should carefully consider their options. Restoring  lycanthropy will keep all the werewolf perks and the totem benefit previously owned or activated.


Werewolf Traits in Skyrim

As a werewolf, the player is given a powerful shapeshifting power to transform in their beast form. The beast form also gains various bonuses and benefits from their werewolf specific skill tree. Outside of being in beast form players will also be affected by the following effects. 

  • The Dragonborn gains 100% resistance to all diseases (including Vampirism). 
  • The Dragonborn cannot gain any resting bonuses when having lycanthropy. Lover's Comfort will be also not available.  However skill bonuses from Standing Stones and Father's/Mother's Love bonus still apply normally.


Feeding as a Werewolf in Skyrim

Werewolves get a special perk tree that applies various bonuses to their werewolf form. Perks are unlocked through feeding on corpses with each new perk requires more feedings than the last. A total of 164 people need to be fed in order to complete the entire Werewolf tree.

Perks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Total
Feedings 5 6 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 164


Werewolf Beast Form in Skyrim

As a werewolf, players gain a power to shapeshift into their beast form once a day. The shapeshifting takes a few seconds, during which the player can be attacked, then lasts 2 and a half minutes of real time. Feeding on non-undead corpses will increase the duration by 30 seconds per corpse fed on. Feeding also heals players for 50 Health per corpse. The beast form gives many bonuses to the player's physical capabilities but takes away their ability to use weapons, armor, spells and items limiting the player's ability to level their skill levels. 

While in beast form all armor and weapons are unequipped. Instead players will benefit from the beast form's base armor and base melee damage. The base armor of the werewolf form is good for early parts of the game but does not match up to the armor values from armor found later. While in beast form the base melee damage is changed to 20 damage and benefits from the werewolf's claw ability adding up to 60 extra base damage depending on the players level making it a dependable source of melee damage.

Beast form also provides additional Health and Stamina, 50 points of Health and 100 points of Stamina, these bonuses can be increased through a perk in the skill tree. The player's base stamina regeneration is also increased from 5% per second to 20% second while health regeneration is halted unless the player equips the Ring of the Hunt.

Players can unlock and select Totems that will modify their werewolf howl attack. The totems can be unlocked from a quest after completing the companions questline and selected in the Underforge, only one totem can be selected at a time. 


Curing Lycanthropy in Skyrim

Conventional way

  • At the end of the Companions questline, a radiant quest "Purity" becomes available for those who wish to cure the disease. As part of that quest, the Dragonborn must cut off the head of a Glenmoril Witch, bringing it into the depths of Ysgramor's Tomb, draw the spirit of the wolf from their body, and defeat it.
  • In order to remove the curse however, the Dragonborn must have killed at least two Glenmoril Witches, one for Kodlak, one for the Dragonborn. If the Dragonborn has killed all five witches, it is possible to cure all the members of  The Circle, except for Aela the Huntress who does not want to be cured.
  • Access to the Underforge will be lost after curing Lycanthropy.


Vampire line

  • Dragonborn can cure Lycanthropy by choosing to become a Vampire Lord. The Beast Form will be removed after changing into a vampire.


Notes for Werewolves in Skyrim

  • Acquiring all 11 werewolf perks will gain the achievement Werewolf Mastered.
  • The camera view will be fixed to third person the transformation ends.
  • Werewolf form is larger than the normal player size and can limit navigation in underground locations
  • Werewolves are unable to breathe underwater, even as an Argonian.
  • Guards will attack transformed werewolves on sight.


Werewolf Perks in Skyrim

The Dawnguard DLC adds a complete perk tree for werewolves. The skill tree is simply called "Werewolf" and perks are earned through feeding on the corpses of fallen NPCs. Player can also feed on bodies that are already dead

  • Bestial Strength
    • Rank 1 Do 25% more damage as a werewolf.
    • Rank 2 Do 50% more damage as a werewolf.
    • Rank 3 Do 75% more damage as a werewolf.
    • Rank 4 Do 100% more damage as a werewolf.
  • Animal Vigor
    • 100 point bonus to Health and Stamina in beast form.
  • Gorging
  • Feeding heals twice as much Health.
  • Savage Feeding
  • Able to feed off most dead creatures. Feeding off creatures instead of people only provides half the extended time.
  • Totem of Ice Brothers
    • Werewolf Totem of Brotherhood howl calls Ice Wolves.
  • Totem of the Moon
    • Werewolf Totem of Brotherhood howl calls werewolves.
  • Totem of Terror
    • Werewolf Howl of Terror affects even higher level creatures.
  • Totem of the Predator
    • Werewolf Totem of the Hunt howl has extended range, and shows whether the targets are not in combat, searching, or actively in combat.



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