Items in Skyrim are shown below. Items of various sizes and weights can be found around the world of Skyrim. When exploring deep into caves and dungeons, or looting houses, keep eyes open for items on shelves or in containers for you to take or carefully steal. Players may also want to read about Crafting for using items and ingredients to make useful products such as armor and weapons. Many of these crafting materials are found as miscellaneous items.


Carrying too much in Skyrim?

Carrying too many items can cause you to exceed your carrying capacity and make you encumbered. While encumbered you are unable to run or sprint, you also won't be able to fast travel or use carriages.

You can drop some items and command a follower to pick them up for you to reduce the weight in your inventory, being mounted also negates the effects of encumbrance even allowing you to use fast travel.

Carrying capacity can be increased in many ways, one of them maybe to use the Steed Stone. Read more about encumbrance on the Stats page.


Item Storage in Skyrim

It is impossible to carry everything everywhere with you all the time but you may find that Skyrim does not have any bank-like storage facilities. However you can purchase or build houses and safely store your items in the containers in them.

There are also some storage containers that you can access to keep items in without them despawning. One such location is Anise's Cabin, a fast travel location with many cupboards that are safe to store your items.




All Items in Skyrim


Quick Search of All Skyrim Items 

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Name Description
potion of minor healing
Potion of Minor Healing

Restore 25 of Health

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