Poisons are consumable items that can be found throughout Skyrim and are covered on this page. Most of the Poisons can be purchased, looted and/or created. All poisons have 0.5 weight and provide negative effects to the target affected. Poisons are consumed each only holding 1 use of the Poison effect. Player made poisons can be crafted through the use of Alchemy which also has skills perks that support poison use.


How do Poisons work in Skyrim?

Poisons are consumable items that each only hold 1 use of its effect at a time. Players can use poisons to apply the poison on their weapon applying the poison effect to the first target they attack. To apply poisons to arrows shot by a bow, use the poison on the bow and the next arrow fired will have the poison's effect. The poison effect is consumed even when missing an arrow whereas swinging and missing with a melee weapon will not cause the poison to be consumed. Players can get the Concentrated Poison Perk from the Alchemy tree to increase the poison effects to apply for twice as many hits when applied to their weapons. 

Poisons can also be reverse pickpocketed into the targets inventory to apply their effect. This can be done without their notice and without any hostility being gained making it an interesting and fun way to cause chaos in town without bearing criminal consequences. This method is also a core part of pickpocketing items from characters by causing paralysis to the target to pickpocket their items with 100% success rate.


Top useful Poisons to have in Skyrim

Poisons have a variety of effects that can be applied to targets some are especially useful for players to have on hand for specific situations or difficult encounters. Some of the most useful Poisons to have and use in Skyrim are listed below:

  • Paralysis Poisons: Paralyzes the target for a duration. This is especially useful when pickpocketing items from characters due to pickpocket success rate increasing to 100% on paralyzed targets. 
  • Magicka Poisons: Drain target Magicka. Useful when dealing with spell caster enemies to stop or reduce their ability to cast spells

Poisons created through Alchemy can provide multiple effects at the same time with strong and useful effect combinations, look for more information in the Alchemy page on poison creation. Some especially useful and good poison effects to look for in ingredients are listed below that can help create poisons with especially useful effects.

  • Paralyze
  • Weakness to poison
  • Slow
  • Damage Health
  • Lingering Damage Magicka
  • Damage Magicka Regen




All Poisons in Skyrim


Quick Search of All Skyrim Poisons 

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Name Description
Weak Poison

Causes 15 points of poison damage

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