Ingredients in Skyrim are used to make potions and poisons through Alchemy, some are also used in cooking recipes. Each ingredient has a total of four available Alchemy effects. Eating an ingredient always allows you to discover the ingredient's first effect; the Experimenter perk causes additional effects to be discovered when you consume an ingredient. Additional effects can be discovered by experimenting to see what ingredient combinations successfully yield potions. All the Alchemy ingredients with all their effects are listed in the table below.


How Ingredients work in Skyrim?

Ingredients are found around the world of Skyrim in many varied forms from whole fish to animal parts and flowers. Ingredients each have 4 alchemical effects and up to 3 different ingredients can be mixed at the Alchemy Lab and the potion or poison created will have the shared alchemical effects of the ingredients. For example mixing Blue Mountain Flower and Wheat produces a potion with both Restore Health and Fortify Health effects as the ingredients share both of these effects.

Alchemical effects are revealed in two ways, when the ingredient is consumed or when a potion or poison is created with effects that had not been revealed. Eating the same ingredient multiple times will not reveal more effects. The level or tier of the effects revealed by eating the ingredient is increased with the Experimenter perk, providing 1 more effect revealed per level in the perk up to all 4 effects being revealed. 

When ingredients are mixed, the effects of the resulting potion or poison is not limited by the number of effects revealed and will always produce the intended potion. Instead when a potion is created any new unrevealed effect will be revealed in the ingredients. From trying to mix many ingredients players can reveal many ingredient effects without eating the ingredient or investing in the Experimenter perk if they are able to create new effects.


Top useful Ingredients in Skyrim to pick up

Of the many ingredients that can be found across Skyrim there are some that are used to create potions and poisons with powerful effects. Some useful ingredients are listed here:

  • Giant's Toe: Increases the duration of potion effects from 60 seconds to 300 seconds
  • Blue Mountain Flower: Has Restore Health and Fortify Health effects that help make good healing potions
  • River Betty: Produces poisons with higher effects
  • Boar Tusk: Increases the duration of potion effects from 60 seconds to 300 seconds
  • Salmon Roe: Can make the most valuable potion in the game and also makes Waterbreathing potion duration 60 seconds long
  • Deathbell: Increases Damage Health poison effect in poisons
  • Charred Skeever Hide: Commonly found and can be used to make Cure Disease potions

Additionally the Creation Club has content to add additional ingredients with improved effects as well.




All Ingredients in Skyrim


Quick Search of All Skyrim Ingredients 

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Name Description
Abecean Longfin Alchemy Effects:
  1. Weakness to Frost
  2. Fortify Sneak
  3. Weakness to Poison
  4. Fortify Restoration

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