Scrolls in Skyrim are shown below. Scrolls work as one-time use spells and are destroyed after use. Scrolls can be purchased from merchants or obtained in dungeons, some scrolls can be made at the Atronach Forge. Players can use scrolls for spells they have not learnt and can use scrolls when out of Magicka. Spell scrolls often hold spells from schools of magic but do not contribute to magic skill points when used. Spells from spell scrolls can still benefit from some perks. Using a Spell scroll does not teach the you the spell, spells are learnt through the use of a Spell Tome.


How to Use Scrolls in Skyrim

Spell scrolls have to be assigned to a hand, the attack button has to be held down to then use the scroll. Scrolls can be assigned through selecting them in the inventory or through the favorites quick menu. Some scrolls will use 2 hands instead of just 1.

While casting the spell scroll players cannot walk or run, contrary to when using an actual spell. Being interrupted by attacks during the spell cast will not cast the spell but the scroll is not consumed in the process, you will have to start the cast all over from the beginning when this happens. This makes scrolls difficult to use and inadvisable in close combat situations. More powerful spell scrolls usually take more time to cast.


Can you make scrolls in Skyrim?

Most normal scrolls cannot be made but can be easily purchased from spell merchants. Scrolls can generally be found in fixed locations and not as random treasure. The best way to get spell scrolls is to purchase them from merchants when they have a desired spell in stock.

Some scrolls can be made at the Atronach Forge, spider scrolls were added in the Dragonborn DLC that are also scrolls that can be made.


The best Scrolls to have and use in Skyrim

Scrolls are useful items to keep in the inventory as they hold spell effects that players can use when low on Magicka or for using spells that have not been learnt. Some of the most useful scrolls that players should keep hold of and keep available are listed below:

  • Scroll of Invisibility: Go invisible without having to learn the spell
  • Scroll of Muffle: Move quietly during the duration of the spell to aid in being stealthy.
  • Scroll of Calm and Scroll of Harmony: Casts Pacify on groups of targets, helpful with town situations
  • Scroll of Mass Paralysis: Paralyses large groups of enemies
  • Scroll of Mayhem: Applies frenzy to large group of enemies causing them to fight each other for 60 seconds
  • Scroll of Cure Wounds: Additional option for players to heal when low on Magicka and low on potions
  • Scroll of Guardian Circle: Casts Guardian Circle, healing the player inside it while causing Undeads to flee
  • Scroll of Chain Lightning: The Lightning damage can bounce to the mages further away from the player and deal damage to their Magicka pools, reducing their ability to cast spells.
  • Scrolls of Conjure Atronach: Powerful Flame, Frost and Storm Atronachs can be summoned to help in combat, these scrolls can be made at the Atronach Forge.



All Scrolls in Skyrim


Quick Search of All Skyrim Scrolls 

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Name Description
Scroll of Candlelight

Creates a hovering light that lasts for 60 seconds

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