Leveling in Skyrim refers to the experience system used for leveling up and improving the player. Skyrim uses a different leveling system compare to the previous Elderscroll Oblivion. The experience system is based on skills. Players can choose to invest 10 points to  either one attribute, Health, Magicka or Stamina each time they level up. Players will also gain a perk point to increase one of the skills level. With the 1.9 patch, players can now have Legendary stats giving players a method to gain infinite levels.


Leveling in Skyrim

Gaining Experience in Skyrim

  • Each time any skill's level increases, character XP will be given.
  • Leveling up skills is the only way to increase character XP
  • Low-level skills provides a low amount of character XP, while high-level skills provides more
  • Higher character level requires a higher character XP to level up.
  • At level 100 skills can be set to be legendary and reset to level 15 returning all invested perk points allowing players to once again gain experience and levels and gain more perks points as well.


Leveling Up in Skyrim

  • One attribute (Health, Magicka, Stamina) can be increased by 10 points for each level up.
  • Players will gain a perk point for each level up. Perk points do NOT need to be used when leveling and can be saved for a later time.
  • After the Dragonborn expansion introduced, it is possible to reset your perks after completing the main quest.


Skill Experience Gain in Skyrim

Some skills can only level up with certain actions. The following are more details about gaining experience in each skill.

  • Sneak will only increase when avoiding detection within certain range from an entity that would be aware of your presence, or escaping from one that has detected you. Movement are not needed for increasing the skill, though completing difficult actions will increase the skill faster, such as moving and performing sneak attacks.
  • Conjuration such as Raise Zombie and any similar spells will only increase when the minion engages in combat, while Conjuring Bound weapons will only gain XP when players themselves are in combat.
  • Restoration will only increase if it is restoring lost Health, the progress will be faster when in combat.
  • Alteration such as Detect Life will only increase when successfully detecting life forms with the spell. The more life forms are detected, the more XPs are gained.
  • Destruction from runes only increases when the runes are triggered. Other Destruction spells require a valid target, can either be a creature or an NPC.
  • Pickpocketing increases proportionally to the total value of successfully lifted goods.
  • Lockpicking will gain a small increase for every failed pick, and a variable substantial increase that based on lock level versus skill and perk level for each successfully-picked lock.
  • Smithing, Alchemy, and Enchanting gain XP based on the results of the crafting.

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