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Bards College is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

The Bards College is located in Solitude. In order to join, the Dragonborn must complete errands for the Headmaster, Viarmo.



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  • On the exterior there is a balcony visible as the player enters the College courtyard from the street. On this balcony are two Elven Arrows and one Potion of Plentiful Healing. The player can only access this balcony from the exterior by using the Proudspire Manor Patio before it has been upgraded. The way to reach the balcony is to jump up from the barrels (located near the stairs) onto the arches surrounding the patio. From there, the Dragonborn can jump onto the roof of Proudspire Manor and then across to the adjacent College roof.
  • The quest for Finn's Lute overlaps a quest from Kjar in Windhelm. Inside the cave for Finn's Lute, upon killing the man guarding the chest holding the lute, a quest is received to return to Kjar.

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