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Jorrvaskr is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 

Jorrvaskr is the headquarters of the mercenary guild known as The Companions. This loose association of private soldiers has for many generations lived, trained and celebrated in this historic structure composed primarily of an up-ended warship. It is located in the city of Whiterun in central Skyrim, by an ancient construct known as the Skyforge.

Jorrvaskr can be described in simplest terms as a mead-hall, although it is generally reserved to the membership of the Companions and those most closely associated with them.



Jorrvaskr Quests

  • Companions Questline








Jorrvaskr Characters

  • Aela the Huntress
  • Athis
  • Brill
  • Eorlund Gray-Mane
  • Farkas
  • Kodlak Whitemane
  • Njada Stonearm
  • Ria
  • Skjor
  • Tilma the Haggard
  • Torvar
  • Vignar Gray-Mane
  • Vilkas

Points of interest

  • Jorrvaskr Living Quarters
  • Skill Book (Archery) – The Marksmanship Lesson, in a locked case (Expert) in Aela's room.
  • An Elven Bow is also in the locked case (Expert) that the Book The Marksmanship Lesson is found in.
  • Skill Book (Two-Handed) : The Song of Hrormir – found in the Living Quarters on a table holding the map.
  • Skill Book (Heavy Armor): Hallgerd's Tale – found in the Main Hall.
  • An Unusual Gem in the Living Quarters in Kodlak's room. If taken, it counts as a crime and makes the Companions pursue the Dragonborn wanting him to pay 500 GoldIcon. This gem is necessary for the completion of the quest No
  • Stone Unturned. Waiting until the end of Glory of the Dead, when the Dragonborn becomes the new Harbinger, lifts the "steal" tag from most of the items in Jorrvaskr, so the gem can then be taken without consequence.
  • A Daedra Heart on a plate in the Living Quarters in Kodlak's room. This Daedra Heart will respawn every so often, proving useful for the crafting of Daedric armor and weapons.
  • At the south end of the south central room in the living quarters (the first room entered when descending the stairs from Jorrvaskr itself into the living quarters) is a green book titled An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim. Reading this will cause the map to be updated.



Jorrvaskr Maps

Jorrvaskr Quests Map


Jorrvaskr Treasure Map 



  • On the wall to the left just before the living quarters are four shards of Wuuthrad on a display.
  • The name "Jorrvaskr" comes from Old Norse and roughly translates to "Swords & Bravery."confirmation needed
  • When inside the Great Hall, an Ebony Greatsword, Dwarven Greatsword, Glass Warhammer, and an Elven Sword can be seen, however these objects are unable to be taken.
  • The locked display cabinets in the master bedroom reset after a certain period of time, since they are all expert locks, they are a great way to level up Lockpicking early on.
  • Jorrvaskr is one of three faction headquarters that does not have a "fast travel" option on the world map, the others being Castle Dour of the Imperial Legion, and the Bards College. The other faction headquarters are Thieves Guild, College of Winterhold, Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Sky Haven Temple, and the Palace of the Kings.
  • When inside Jorrvaskr, it's possible to transform into a werewolf without being pursued by the guards. This is mainly due to the fact that the members of the Circle are werewolves as well.
  • In Kodlak's room, there is a display case on top of the bookshelf on the right. It can opened but it's impossible to see what, if anything, is inside of it.

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