The Cursed Tribe

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Daedric Quest

The Cursed Tribe is a Quest in Skyrim.



I've heard rumors there's some kind of problem in the Orc settlement of Largashbur, southwest of Riften.



  • Find out what's happening in Largashbur
  • Bring Troll Fat and a Daedra Heart to Atub
  • Observe Atub's ritual
  • Speak with Yamarz
  • Meet Yamarz at Fallowstone Cave
  • Protect Yamarz
  • Defeat the giant
  • Take Shagrol's Hammer back to Largashbur
  • Place Shagrol's Hammer on the shrine in Largashbur




  • (Optional) Hear rumors that something is happening in Largashbur.
  • Help the Orcs of Largashbur repel a giant attack.
  • Speak to Atub.
  • Bring a bowl of troll fat and a daedra heart to Atub.
  • Observe Atub's ritual. Speak with Chief Yamarz.
  • Meet Yamarz at Fallowstone Cave.
  • Protect Yamarz as he journeys to the Giant's Grove.
  • Defeat the giant.
  • Take Shagrol's Hammer back to Largashbur.
  • Place Shagrol's Hammer on the shrine in Largashbur.
  • Collect your reward.





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