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Winterhold is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. It is a former major city which is located in northern Skyrim. It is the capital city of the hold of the same name. Once a great capital rivaling Solitude in power and importance, Winterhold is now little more than a shell of its former self due to the Great Collapse.



Winterhold Quests

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Winterhold Characters

  • Ancano - The Thalmor operative and advisor to the Arch-Mage
  • Arniel Gane - Researcher of peculiar magics
  • Brelyna Maryon - One of the Apprentice mages
  • Colette Marence - Expert Restoration trainer of the College
  • Drevis Neloren - Master Illusion trainer of the College
  • Enthir - Mage of The College of Winterhold
  • Faralda - Master Destruction trainer of the College
  • J'zargo - One of the apprentice mages
  • Mirabelle Ervine - Master Wizard of the College
  • Nirya - Wizard of The College of Winterhold
  • Onmund - One of the apprentice mages
  • Phinis Gestor - Expert Conjuration trainer of the College
  • Savos Aren - Archmage of the College
  • Sergius Turrianus - Expert enchanting trainer of the College
  • Tolfdir - Master Alteration teacher of the College
  • Urag gro-Shub - Mage librarian of The Arcanaeum
  • Birna - Owner of Birna's Oddments
  • Dagur - Owner of The Frozen Hearth Inn
  • Assur - Son of the Jarl
  • Kraldar - Family member of downfallen noble house
  • Jarl Korir - the Jarl of Winterhold
  • Malur Seloth - Steward of the Jarl
  • Thaena - Wife of the Jarl
  • Eirid - Daughter of Dagur and Haran
  • Haran - Wife of Dagur
  • Kai Wet-Pommel - Member of Stormcloaks
  • Nelacar - Mage
  • Ranmir - Drunkard
  • Thonjolf - Servant of Kraldar



Winterhold Maps

Winterhold Quests Map


Winterhold Treasure Map 



  • The guards in Winterhold do not carry shields.
  • If the guards outside the city gate are killed, they do not re-spawn.

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