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Old Hroldan Inn is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 

The Old Hroldan is an inn located in the mountains south-east of Markarth. Their claim to fame is that Tiber Septim once stayed there. The innkeeper is Eydis.

Outside the inn there is a grindstone and a wood chopping block.



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Points of interest

  • Two-Handed Skill Book, Battle of Sancre Tor – on the end table by Tiber's bed.



Old Hroldan Inn Maps

Old Hroldan Inn Quests Map


Old Hroldan Inn Treasure Map 



  • Occasionally, Skuli can be heard asking Eydis where his father is. She replies by saying that he is out fighting the war for the Stormcloaks. Skuli responds with, "I thought you said he was fighting for the Empire?" To which will respond with, "Yeah. I'm sure he's doing well there."
  • In Chillwind Depths, there is a Torn Note next to the body of Firis, addressing Eydis. This would explain the reason for Skuli's father's disappearance.
  • If the console command tcl is used, a chest underneath the inn, along with a wooden bowl and tankard, can be reached.
  • If the Dragonborn uses a spell in the inn, Skuli will approach them and ask to be turned invisible.

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