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Dexion Evicus


Ancestor Glade

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Beyond Death

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Touching the Sky


Dawnguard Quest

Dawnguard is a Quest in Skyrim.



After discovering that Dexion has become blind, I've had to secure alternate means to decipher the Elder Scrolls and locate Auriel's Bow. It's been suggested that I might be able to read the Elder Scrolls myself if I use an ancient technique performed by the original Moth Priests. I'm now on my way to a place known as the Ancestor Glade to discover the origin of the mysterious ritual.



  • Find a Moth Priest's knife
  • Gather bark from a Canticle Tree
  • Attract Ancestor Moth Swarms
  • Enter the column of light and read the Elder Scroll
  • Speak to Serana
  • Read the Elder Scroll



  • -



  • Find a Moth Priest's draw knife.
  • Gather bark from a Canticle Tree.
  • Attract Ancestor Moth Swarms.
  • Read the Elder Scroll.
  • Speak to Serana.




Dawnguard Quest

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