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Kynesgrove is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 

Kynesgrove is a small settlement located south of the city of Windhelm. The most prominent feature there is the Braidwood Inn where most of the residents live. Those who do not live at the inn, live in the small camp nearby. Many of them work in the nearby Steamscorch Mine.

During the mission A Blade in the Dark, the Dragonborn is sent to investigate the dragon burial site above the small settlement. The dragon who finds himself buried there is Sahloknir, who is in the middle of being reanimated when the Dragonborn arrives.



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  • The Braidwood Inn of Kynesgrove is one of the locations where the rare book Songs of Skyrim can be found.
  • While the trees in Kynesgrove are stated to be special to Kyne, it is not explained why this is.

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