Resist Magic

Stat Type



Increased Resistance to Magic Damage.

Resist Magic is an Enchantment Effect in Skyrim. Enchantment effects are magical effects that can be applied to the player through the use of enchanted equipment, potion effects or other abilities that give bonuses to the player. Enchantment Effects can be learnt by Disenchanting a magical item with the enchantment effect at an Arcane Enchanter. The enchantments once learnt can later be enchanted onto equipment of the players choice. 


Skyrim Resist Magic Info

  • Enchantment Type: Armor and Apparel
  • School of Magicka: Restoration
  • Enchantment Effect: Increased Resistance to Magic Damage.


How to Get Resist Magic in Skyrim

Players may get Resist Magic from the following:

Equipment with:

  • of Resist Magic
  • of Waning Magic
  • of Dwindling Magic
  • of Magic Suppression
  • of Magic Abatement
  • of Magic Nullification

Specific Equipment:

Potions: of Resist Magic, Soul Husk Extract



  • Breton Racial
  • The Lord Stone
  • Agent of Mara
  • Vampiric Blood Rested
  • Blessing of Azura

PerksMagic Resistance


Enchanting Resist Magic on Equipment in Skyrim

Players may enchant the following types of equipment with Resist Magic by enchanting at an Arcane Enchanter :

  • Necklace
  • Rings
  • Shields


Skyrim Resist Magic Notes and Trivia

  • ???
  • Resist Magic other Notes, Tips, and Trivia.



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