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Thirsk Mead Hall is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 

"We're colder than snow and harder than steel. We wrap ourselves in both to remind us of the world we face."

The Thirsk Mead Hall is the ancestral dwelling of a proud group of Nords, who initially have been driven out by a well organized band ofRieklings.

Just north of the thirsk Lake Fjalding is located.

Should the assault on the hall in Retaking Thirsk not yet have commenced, the Riekling Chief here will have a few tasks for the Dragonborn. Interestingly the chief actually can speak the human language.



Thirsk Mead Hall Quests

  • Retaking Thirsk
  • Bring Elmus some Ashfire Mead from Thirsk Mead Hall
  • The Chief of Thirsk Hall
  • Elmus' Berries — Bring Elmus some juniper berries.
  • Halbarn's Supplies — Bring ten stalhrim ore and fifteen ebony ingots to Halbarn Iron-Fur.
  • Hilund's Spears — Bring fifty Riekling spears to Hilund.








Thirsk Mead Hall Characters

Points of interest

  • There are sleeping quarters at the back of the Hall (to the north), containing five beds. None of them are owned.
  • Halbarn Iron-Fur can be found at the forge outside, if the Retaking Thirsk quest is completed. He will sell weapons and armor once his quest is completed.



Thirsk Mead Hall Maps

Thirsk Mead Hall Quests Map


Thirsk Mead Hall Treasure Map 



  • Thirsk, a Revised History gives a list of chieftains from Hrothmund up to Bujold the Unworthy. There are three versions of the book. Thirsk, a History, the version initially presented in Bloodmoon lists up to Skjoldr Wolf-Runner. After The Mead Hall Massacre, a revised version lists Skjoldr's death and the Nerevarine's ascension to chief. The version presented in Dragonborn lists up to Bujold but mentions that the records are not complete—there is a gap at the time of the Nerevarine's involvement, leaving the issue of their chiefdom open.
  • It somewhat resembles the Companions' Jorrvaskr, both of which are mead halls.
  • There are 27 bottles of Black-Briar Reserve to be found around the Hall, each with a base value of 100 Gold, and a jar of honey.
  • If you haven't cleansed the Beast Stone, then the Thirsk Nords will go directly there after "Retaking Thirsk" is completed.

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