The Gift of Charity

Ability Type

Temporary Abilities

Ability Effect

Speechcraft is increased by 10 points for one hour.

The Gift of Charity is an Ability in Skyrim. Abilities in Skyrim refer to the to passive bonuses that players can get applied to their character. The effects that abilities give to players can be seen under the Active Effects list in the magic menu. Some abilities cannot be used at the same time as other abilities from their same type.

Temporary Abilities are temporary but they can be activated at the same time as any of the other blessings. Some Temporary Abilities are easily repeatable such as sleep related bonuses however these do not stack with themselves due to the duration required to sleep to get the bonus.


Skyrim The Gift of Charity Effect

Speechcraft is increased by 10 points for one hour.


How to get The Gift of Charity in Skyrim

Players may get The Gift of Charity from donating 1 Septim to a beggar, or giving a present to an adopted child


Skyrim The Gift of Charity Notes and Trivia

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  • The Gift of Charity other Notes, Tips, and Trivia.



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