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Northwatch Keep is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 

Northwatch Keep is a fort located to the west-north-west of Solitude, along the northern coastline. It is heavily guarded by Thalmor.

This is where Thorald Gray-Mane is being held prisoner, during Missing in Action.

There are three other prisoners in cells, these are indifferent to being freed though.



Northwatch Keep Quests








Northwatch Keep Characters

  • Northwatch Archer
  • Northwatch Guard
  • Northwatch Interrogator
  • Northwatch Prisoner
  • Thorald Gray-Mane
  • Northwatch Mage

Points of interest

  • 2920, vol 01 - Morning Star (One-Handed) – can be found behind the bar.
  • The Legendary Sancre Tor (Two-Handed) – can be found in the bedroom, directly across from the bed next to the table, sitting on a box.
  • At higher levels (36+) all guards will wear full sets of glass armor.


Northwatch Keep Maps

Northwatch Keep Quests Map

Northwatch Keep Treasure Map 



  • If one visits Northwatch Keep before the quest Missing in Action is acquired, then Thorald Gray-Mane will not be in the prison where the Dragonborn can find him in the quest.
  • If the Civil War questline has been completed while siding with the Stormcloaks, the Thalmor seem to use this as a hidden retreat within Skyrim. They will prevent the Dragonborn from entering or even asking about Northwatch, claiming it to be "privileged information."
  • The guard in the archway is always male, and always has a beard.
  • Once cleared of Thalmor, they do not respawn after a certain amount of time has passed; the area will remain cleared out.
  • Although the Thalmor have an intense dislike for the local Nords, within the keep there are copious bottles of Nord mead.
  • If one retreats far enough back after attacking the guards, they will cease to be hostile.
  • After clearing the keep in the quest "Missing in Action," Hold Guards will comment about the Thalmor having been "taken down a notch." The guards will also comment, "I heard you gave the Thalmor a black eye. You really know how to pick your enemies, don't you?"
  • The guards will not attack those in Beast Form. However, once inside, Thorald will attack anyone in beast form. for this reason, it is best to wait it out and revert to normal before making the final assault on the prison cell.
  • After completing "Missing In Action," Vidrald and Geirlund may be found in the courtyard.

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