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Fort Greymoor is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 

Fort Greymoor is a fort located to the west of the Western Watchtower outside Whiterun.


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  • Rislav the Righteous (Light Armor) – second floor inside the fort on a podium.
  • A leveled bow can be found in the fort.
  • Imperial Officer's Helmet – on a table near the forge (this is only possible by either winning the Battle for Whiterun on the Imperial side or killing all the bandits and then returning to see the soldiers have returned.



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  • After clearing the fort it is repopulated by the Imperial Soldiers a few days later, with at least ten soldiers patrolling the fort's courtyard, and more inside even if the player is not doing the Civil War questline. They will have rearranged part of the interior to form a barracks, with rows of beds etc. Also, the hunter's body in the Prison will be replaced by that of a Stormcloak Soldier. Once garrisoned, life within the fort does not appear to run smoothly: a couple of notes found in the chapel/lecture hall indicate friction between Agnis and the soldiers with regard to tidiness etc, and a notice pinned to the courtyard wall relates to a friendly fire accident.
  • If Whiterun is seized by the Stormcloaks, the fort will become occupied by Stormcloak soldiers—regardless of whether or not it was cleared out before—making it impossible to "clear" it since both bandits and skeevers are gone. If Whiterun is defended from Stormcloak forces, the fort will instead be occupied by Imperial Soldiers.
  • Outside, near the forge, there may be a horse that the Dragonborn may take without it being considered stealing.
  • Luring nearby giants and mammoths here is a great strategy for killing them and getting loot from Imperial or Stormcloak Soldiers without having to directly kill them.
  • There are multiple entrances to the fort, including a drainpipe covered with a round wooden hatch at the rear of the fort - this is especially useful for stealth. Other entrances can be doors or ladders.
  • There is more loot to take than just one trip, and as much again after the fort is garrisoned by Imperial troops. But because the fort will be repopulated anything stashed in the fort will be lost. So it is best to store or stash loot outside of the fort and to come back and get it later.
  • The dead bandit in a cage hanging above the fort is a permanent corpse.

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