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Mistwatch is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 

Mistwatch is a fort located in due east of Darkwater Crossing. The fort is occupied by a gang of bandits and their leader. Inside the fort are an alchemy lab, a cooking pot and Keening (one possible location), a magical dagger.



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  • Hallgerd's Tale (Heavy Armor) - On the dresser in the bandit leader's room.



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  • North of Mistwatch is an unmarked location, the Sulfur Ruins.
  • If Mistwatch is entered from the mountains, one can jump to the higher balcony and pick the lock to the tower. If one has the Wax Key perk it is possible to go right back to balcony and use the perk to open the tower where Fjola is. Even if Christer has not been encountered yet, one will still have to explain to her that it because of Christer that this conversation is occurring.
  • After talking to Fjola and accepting her quest, any surviving Mistwatch Bandits located at Mistwatch will be friendly, while the deceased Mistwatch Bandits will despawn permanently.

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