Understone Keep

General Info
Jarl Jarl Igmund
Location IDs MarkarthUnderStoneKeep


Understone Keep is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 

Understone Keep is Jarl Igmund's keep in Markarth.



Understone Keep Quests








Understone Keep Characters

Points of interest

  • Assorted Dwemer metal pieces near the Nchuand-Zel Excavation Site entrance where Calcelmo is located. These pieces respawn after a few days.
  • Two "unlimited chests" that refill with items, at least one magical, inside the shadowy corners of Jarl Igmund's throne room down stage left and right. Some of the items within the chests will be labeled as stolen.
  • Outside of the Jarl's bedroom is a small stream. Following that downstream will lead to a chest and a few ingots inside a locked case.



Understone Keep Maps

Understone Keep Quests Map

Understone Keep Treasure Map 



  • Once The Reach has been claimed by the Stormcloaks, Kottir Red-Shoal, the local commander of the Stormcloaks, will move into one of the rooms in Understone Keep. Thalmor Soldiers also inhabit this room, and they never clash. Attacking the Thalmor agents will cause Kottir to fight for them.
  • According to the Skyrim Map, this is the furthest west location in all of skyrim.

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