The Frozen Hearth

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The Frozen Hearth is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 

The Frozen Hearth is the inn in Winterhold. The innkeepers are Haran and Dagur.

Has two beds on the main level, and another two in the cellar where Eirid and her parents sleep. A wood chopping block can be found at the back of the inn.



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Points of interest

  • Skill book (Restoration): The Exodus – Found down in the cellar among a collection of crates and sacks. The book is wedged between a pillar and a crate on the west wall. (Location may have moved slightly, found in a bucket beside the crates).
  • Unique Weapon: Staff of Arcane Authority – Found on the shelves in the room right of the front bar.
  • Wylandriah's Satchel – Found on the bookshelf against the East wall of ground floor.
  • Unique item: The Black Star (only obtainable through a certain path in the quest quest "The Black Star").
  • (with TCL only) Various soul gems, scrolls and spell books can be found in a chest ~3 ft. below Nelacar's bed.
  • This is probably a debug chest added by developers.
    The Falmer: A Study (book on the Snow Elves)



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