The Bannered Mare

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The Bannered Mare is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 


"The Bannered Mare's got warm beds and cold mead. You look like you could use both."
―Whiterun Guards


The Bannered Mare is the inn in Whiterun. The innkeeper is Hulda.


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The Bannered Mare Characters


  • Bed – 10 Gold
  • Food – sold by Hulda & Saadia
  • Listen to Hulda tell rumors.
  • Music – played by Mikael. He offers The Age of Aggression and Ragnar the Red as songs.
  • Brawl against Uthgerd the Unbroken (and Mikael, if the option to persuade him to stop bothering Carlotta Valentia.)
  • If the Dragonborn takes a seat in the chair or on the bench by the fire, Saadia will be reminded by Hulda to serve them.
  • Once the Dragonborn has started the quest "In My Time of Need," the Dragonborn can sleep for free in the small bedroom across from Saadia's room.



The Bannered Mare Maps

The Bannered Mare Quests Map


The Bannered Mare Treasure Map 



  • Hulda can be befriended by selling her firewood for 5 GoldIcon a piece, allowing the Dragonborn to take almost everything in the Bannered Mare, including the Argonian Ale.

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