Stalhrim Greatsword

stalhrim greatsword greatswords weapons skyrim wiki guide
Base Damage 23
Weapon Type Two-Handed, Greatswords
Upgrade Material Stalhrim
Weight 21

Stalhrim Greatsword is a Greatsword in Skyrim. Greatswords are the fastest attacking of the two-handed weapons. Greatswords receive bonuses from the Two-handed skills and perks and in particular benefit from the Deep Wounds perk that increases the chance to deal critical damage and the damage dealt with critical damage. 


How to get Stalhrim Greatsword in Skyrim

Sold by Baldor Iron-Shaper in the Skaal Village.

Sold by Glover Mallory in Raven Rock.

The quest A New Source of Stalhrim needs to be completed in order to craft the sword

Can be made with the Ebony Smithing perk and Smithing level 80

  • 3 Leather Strip
  • 5 Stalhrim


Skyrim Stalhrim Greatsword Effect

The Frost Damage enchantment is 25% stronger on this weapon.


Skyrim Stalhrim Greatsword Upgrades and Enchantment

Benefits from the Ebony Smithing perk

Can be upgraded with Stalhrim


Stalhrim Greatsword Notes & Tips

  • Stalhrim Greatsword other Notes, Tips, and Trivia.



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