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While blocking, creates a ward that protects against spells for up to 50 points.

Spellbreaker is one of the Daedric Artifacts in The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimDaedric Artifacts are special, powerful items created by the Daedric Princes and given to mortals in exchange for their services or for completing favors. Each artifact is attributed to a specific Prince and is imbued with their power, providing unique combat and magical benefits to their users. Daedric Artifacts fall under three categories: WeaponsApparel and Other Items. In order to obtain these artifacts, the Dragonborn must undertake special Daedric Quests and gain the favor of the associated Daedric Prince.


Skyrim Spellbreaker Daedric Artifact Information

Spellbreaker is a Daedric Artifact attributed to Daedric Prince Peryite.

It is a Heavy Shield of ornate design.

Spellbreaker is unique in that it is classified as an Armor piece. Blocking with it raises both the Heavy Armor and Block skills. It cannot be used to block physical attacks.


Spellbreaker Daedric Artifact Effect Details in Skyrim

Spellbreaker has the following special effect(s):

"While blocking, creates a ward that protects against spells for up to 50 points."

  • Spellbreaker creates a Ward when actively blocking (raising the shield). This ward functions identically to the Ward spells from the Restoration skill tree and negates up to 50 points of magical damage. The ward can be reset every time the shield is raised and the enchantment has an unlimited number of uses thanks in part to the shield being considered an Armor piece.
  • Spellbreaker's Ward is highly effective against Dragon Breath attacks, as well as Dragon Shouts used by Draugr. 
  • It also provides a massive advantage when fighting all but the strongest of Mages, especially when combined with the Elemental Protection perk.


How to obtain the Spellbreaker Daedric Artifact in Skyrim

Spellbreaker can be obtained as follows:

  • Complete the quest "The Only Cure".  This quest is available from Level 10 onwards through random encounters with the Afflicted, followers of Daedric Prince Peryite. Alternatively, it can be started by speaking to Kesh at the Shrine to Peryite at The Reach but this requires the Dragonborn to be Level 12 or above.


Spellbreaker Upgrades & Enchantment Details in Skyrim

Dawnbreaker can be upgraded with a Dwarven Metal Ingot and the Arcane Blacksmith perk.

Note that it is not classified as an Ebony equipment and therefore does not benefit from any Smithing perks. The shield cannot be improved past Flawless quality without boosting your Smithing skill past 100.


Skyrim Spellbreaker Daedric Artifact Notes & Trivia

  • Additional Notes & Trivia for Dawnbreaker go here.



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