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Silver-Blood Inn is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 

The Silver-Blood Inn is the inn in Markarth. The innkeeper is Kleppr.

Margret rented the finest room there prior to Weylin's assassination attempt on her, which she may or may not have survived.



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  • If Atar is killed in Karthwasten before he enters the mine, his mercenary friends will have entered the mine before combat is engaged. If the Dragonborn doesn't enter the mine and kill them there, they will be encountered at the Silver-Blood inn and will be hostile but with no penalty for killing them.
  • Endon will become a fence once the Dragonborn completes the "Silver Lining" quest for the Thieves Guild. Endon can be found at the Silver-Blood Inn after 9 p.m. sitting at the bar.
  • The tavern's beds are made out of solid stone, not wood, like the rest of the taverns in the game.
  • Defeating Cosnach in brawl will allow all low-leveled items in the inn to be taken without penalty.
  • Sitting in one of the chairs near the fireplace will result in an argument between the innkeeper and his wife before he yells at her to go serve the customer (the player character), where she will walk over and angrily ask them what they want, opening a bartering session.

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