Quest Abilities

Quest Abilities are granted permanent abilities at the end of certain quests.

Name Description Quest
Agent of Dibella You do more combat damage to the opposite sex. The Heart of Dibella
Agent of Mara 15% Resist Magic. The Book of Love
Ancient Knowledge Knowledge gained from the Lexicon gives you a 25% bonus while wearing Dwarven Armor and Smithing increases 15% faster. Unfathomable Depths
Dragon Infusion You take 25% less melee damage from dragons. Dragon Research
Prowler's Profit Anywhere gems might be found, members of the Thieves Guild always seem to find a few more. No Stone Unturned
Sailor's Repose Healing spells cure 10% more. Granted from Frostflow Lighthouse
Sinderion's Serendipity 25% chance to create a duplicate when creating a potion. A Return To Your Roots
Archmage's Authority Better prices with members of the College of Winterhold. The Eye of Magnus
Gift of the Gab Speech skill increases 15% faster. Tending the Flames


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