Potion of Healing

potion of healing potions items skyrim wiki guide
Effect Restore 50 points of Health
Value 36
Weight 0.5

Potion of Healing is a Potion in Skyrim. Potion of Healing has the following effect: Restore 50 points of Health . Potions are consumable items that players can purchase, loot or create. Potions provide a variety of bonuses to the player when consumed. Potions are consumed on use and each potion only holds 1 use of the potions effect. 


How to get Potion of Healing in Skyrim

Can be found as random loot from level 8

Can be purchased at Alchemist Merchants from level 8


Skyrim Potion of Healing Effect

Restore 50 points of Health


Potion of Healing Notes & Tips

  • Potion of Healing other Notes, Tips, and Trivia.



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