Notched Pickaxe

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Base Damage 5
Weapon Type One-Handed, War Axes
Upgrade Material Iron Ingot
Weight 10

Notched Pickaxe is a War Axe in Skyrim. War Axes are a middle ground in damage and speed for one-handed weapons, having faster attacks than Maces but more damage than Swords. War Axes receive bonuses from the One-handed skills and perks and in particular benefit from the Hack and Slash perk that allows war axes to cause extra bleeding damage to their targets.


How to get Notched Pickaxe in Skyrim

Can be obtained from the Quest The Throat of the World


Skyrim Notched Pickaxe Effect

Raises the wielder's Smithing abilities by 5

Does 5 shock damage to enemies on hit


Skyrim Notched Pickaxe Upgrades and Enchantment

Does not benefit from any Smithing perk

Can be upgraded with the Arcane Blacksmith perk and Iron Ingot


Notched Pickaxe Notes & Tips

  • Notched Pickaxe other Notes, Tips, and Trivia.



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