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New Gnisis Cornerclub is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 

The New Gnisis Cornerclub is the tavern in the Gray Quarter of Windhelm located next door to Sadri's Used Wares. The innkeeper is Ambarys Rendar.


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  • A Game at Dinner (Alchemy skill book) – On a table on the second floor.
  • The Red Kitchen Reader (Sneak skill book) – Propped between a barrel and the stairwell on the first floor.
  • Double-Distilled Skooma – On the second floor under the stairs, between some crates.
  • Imperial Armor and an Imperial Helmet – Upstairs on a shelf on the second floor.
  • On top of a shelf there is a Strong Box with an Adept Lock, and next to the shelf there is a table with an Imperial sword and an Imperial shield.



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  • If the Dragonborn sides with the Imperials in the Civil War questline, Rendar will become notably more optimistic after the Imperials capture Windhelm.
  • Susanna the Wicked will recommend the cornerclub if the Dragonborn wants a "real drink," and she will tell that the Dragonborn did not hear that from her.
  • There is a full set of Imperial armor and equipment on the second floor of the club.
  • The owner does not follow the Dragonborn around, unlike in most shops.
  • There is a uniquely labeled container simply called "Pot" on the uppermost floor of the tavern. Although it has the appearance of a cooking pot, it acts as a chest and items can be placed in and taken out of it by the Dragonborn.
  • Despite the inn being relatively empty, Viola Giordano mentions that it makes a "racket" at night, prompting her to think that the Dark Elves might somehow have something to do with the recent murders.[1]
  • The New Gnisis Cornerclub is likely named after the town of Gnisis found in Vvardenfell during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

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