Greater Racial Powers

These powers can only be used once per day.

Race Name Description
Altmer Highborn Regenerate 25% of your Magicka each second for 60 seconds.
Argonian Histskin Invoke the power of the Hist to recover Health 10 times faster for 60 seconds.
Bosmer Command Animal Make an animal an ally for 60 seconds.
Breton Dragonskin Absorb 50% of Magicka from hostile spells for 60 seconds.
Dunmer Ancestor's Wrath Opponents that get too close take 8 points per second of fire damage for 60 seconds.
Imperial Voice of the Emperor Nearby people are Calmed for 60 seconds.
Nord Battle Cry Nearby enemies are Afraid for 30 seconds.
Orc Berserker Rage Take half damage and deal double damage for 60 seconds.
Redguard Adrenaline Rush Stamina Regenerates 10 times faster for 60 seconds.
Vampire Embrace of Shadows Vampire is invisible and has improved night vision for 180 seconds.
Vampire Vampire's Seduction Creatures and people up to level 10 won't fight for 30 seconds. Granted after one day of not feeding.
Vampire Vampire's Servant Reanimate a dead body to fight for you for 60 seconds. The strength of the body increases each day the Vampire goes without feeding, progressing from "weak", to "more powerful", to "powerful", and finally to "very powerful" after three full days of not feeding.
Werewolf Beast Form

Take on the Form of the Wolf.

Werewolf Ring of Hircine

Allows for unlimited Werewolf transformations per day; only active when you're wearing the Ring of Hircine (must be a Werewolf).


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