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Goldenglow Estate is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 

Goldenglow Estate is a bee farm just outside Riften. It is a major supplier of the Black-Briar Meadery, one of the more famous Meaderies inSkyrim. The estate is owned by an Altmer called Aringoth but lately he has been going against Maven Black-Briar by supplying his honey to other Meaderies as well. Fearing retribution he has hired mercenaries to protect his estate.

The Estate is built on two small islands in the middle of a small lake. There is a single bridge connecting the Estate to the lake shore though there is a dock next to the manor. The western island contains the six large beehives that produce the honey and the second island is where the manor house is located.

There is also a small sewer beneath the main island, directly underneath the manor, with two entrances outside of it and one inside its basement.



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Points of interest

  • Captured Critter: Bee in a Jar – Found in Aringoth's room on the second floor on a shelf.
  • Larceny Target: Queen Bee Statue – Found in Aringoth's room on second floor, on table by the bed.
  • Skill Book (Pickpocket): Guide To Better Thieving – In sewer behind locked gate.
  • Quest Item: Goldenglow Bill of Sale – In Aringoth's safe.
  • One Refined Moonstone in a locked strongbox on the first floor


Goldenglow Estate Maps

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Goldenglow Estate Treasure Map 



  • Before the quest Loud and Clear starts, Goldenglow has various invisible barriers around it, preventing players not part of the Thieves Guild from entering.
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