Glass Shield

glass shield shields skyrim wiki guide
Base Armor 27
Armor Class Light Armor, Shield
Upgrade Material Refined Malachite
Weight 6

Glass Shield is a Light Shield in Skyrim. Shields allow players to block effectively as well as provide additional armor to reduce physical damage taken further. Shields are supported by the Block skill and with the right perks, shields are able to block not only direct melee attacks, but also incoming arrows, power attacks, and even reduce fire, frost, and shock damage. Light Shields are also supported by the light armor skill


How to get Glass Shield in Skyrim

Unenchanted versions can be found throughout Skyrim starting from level 36 and enchanted version starting from level 37

Can be found on Thalmor Warriors and Thalmor Archers in Northwatch Keep

Can be made with the Glass Smithing perk and Smithing level 70

  • 2 Leather Strips
  • 1 Refined Moonstone
  • 4 Refined Malachite


Skyrim Glass Shield Effect

Does not provide any additional effects


Skyrim Glass Shield Upgrades and Enchantment

Benefits from the Glass Smithing perk

Can be upgraded with Refined Malachite


Glass Shield Notes & Tips

  • Glass Shield other Notes, Tips, and Trivia.



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