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Gallows Rock is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 

Gallow's Rock is a Silver Hand fort located in Eastmarch. Krev the Skinner, a notorious member of the Silver Hand resides within this fort. The Dragonborn enters this dungeon as part of the induction ceremony into the Circle and to take revenge on the Silver Hand for attacks on werewolves and The Companions.


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  • Upon entering the fort, there is a doorway blocked by spikes and guarded by two werewolf heads on sticks. There is a pull chain on the pillar behind the left head which will retract the spikes and allow entrance to the rest of the fort.
  • Prior to the addition of the Werewolf Vargr in Dawnguard, Gallows Rock contained the only inherently hostile werewolf in the game.
  • The fort is an excellent source of the ingredient Human Flesh, because it may be looted from all werewolf corpses.
  • Treasure Map VII leads to Gallows Rock.

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