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Fort Neugrad is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 

This place is a fort located on a small lake south-east of Helgen. It is initially the home of a hostile mage named Brandish and some bandits. Later, during the Civil War, Imperial troops move in.

In the courtyard there is a workbench, a forge and an anvil. Inside the fort is a second grindstone as well as a second workbench, ninebeds, as well as a copy of Jornibret's Last Dance.

From the top floor, there is a ladder leading to the top of a tower. Outside, there is a chest containing the Fort Neugrad Treasure Map.


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Fort Neugrad Characters

Points of interest

  • Jornibret's Last Dance (Light Armor) — can be found in the library.
  • From the wine cellar, go behind the cupboard, down to the pond and directly on the left side in the water is a locked chest.
  • To get to the chest mentioned in the map: Go around the fort until you get to the lake's edge. Follow the left side of the lake. Continue following the shore until you see a flat area some rocks that surround the chest, approximately at the middle of the lake. The chest can be found here.



Fort Neugrad Maps

Fort Neugrad Quests Map

Fort Neugrad Treasure Map 



  • "Neugrad" has the elements "neu" (German for "new") and "grad," a common Slavic word for "city."

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