Fort Frostmoth

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Fort Frostmoth is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 

Fort Frostmoth is a fort located south-east of Raven Rock and to the north-east of Old Attius Farm in Solstheim.

This is from where General Falx Carius sends out his Ash Spawn minions to attack Raven Rock.



Fort Frostmoth Quests








Fort Frostmoth Characters

  • Ash Spawn
  • Albino Spider
  • Flame Cloaked Spider
  • General Falx Carius

Points of interest

  • Five bottles of Cyrodilic Brandy can be found behind a Master-locked gate (which can be opened with the Fort Frostmoth Key) along with a barrel containing Moon Sugar as well as the other ingredients to cook Elsweyr Fondue on the shelves. The room is found by taking a right after entering and heading down a flight of stairs. It also contains a boss level loot chest.
  • Next to the aforementioned room, there is an area closed off by cobwebs that contains Albino Spider Pods, two Heart Stone Veins, and three Ruby Geodes.
  • If the Dragonborn takes a left after they enter, a room can be found in which there is various Imperial apparel as well as an East Empire Company Strongbox.
  • The Champion's Cudgel can be looted off of General Falx Carius.



Fort Frostmoth Maps

Fort Frostmoth Quests Map

Fort Frostmoth Treasure Map 



  • The leftmost part of the crypt that contains Ildari's journal contains possible references to Edgar Allan Poe's House of Usher, the 1960 film adaptation, like the tilted coffin at the end of the room, a similarly tilted coffin nearly kills Philip Winthrop, the film's main character. Another possible reference is the bloody rags found in the top coffin directly left of the entrance, a possible reference to the bloody state that Philip finds Madeline's coffin in.
  • Neville from the Oblivion Dark Brotherhood quest Whodunit? mentioned being stationed at Fort Frostmoth.

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