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Fort Amol is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 

Fort Amol is a fort located north-west of Darkwater Crossing which has been taken over by renegade mages.



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  • Courtyard
  • Fort Amol Prison



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  • There is a breach in the eastern outer wall, allowing the main entrance to be avoided and the fort attacked/looted using stealth.
  • The fort and prison can be entered and fully explored prior to receiving the quest.
  • The mages here may have captured vampires and put them in cages. Vampirism may be contracted by attacking a vampire and not opening the gate, while being targeted by Vampiric Drain.
  • If the Dragonborn reanimates any female Stormcloak soldier corpses scattered around the fort (labelled as "Corpse") with any necromancy spells, they'll moan with male voices.
  • There is a Tome: Bound Bow skill book under a lantern hidden in a bucket in the Fort Amol Prison. There are two doors at ground level, one to the northwest, and one to the northeast. The book can be found by entering the door to the northwest. Upon walking in, straight ahead is a table raised on an area elevated by two steps. To the left of the table against the back wall is a bookshelf. On the right side of that bookshelf is a bucket. The tome is under the lantern, in the bucket. Further to the right on the table is a Scroll of Blizzard and a Draught of Extra Magicka. There are also several Soul Gems in the room.
  • On the highest tower of the fort there is a large cross with shackles on it, suggesting that crucifixions have occurred at this fort.
  • Atop the north tower of the fort, there is a Stormcloak body encircled by candles. The scene is reminiscent of the Black Sacrament.
  • The fort shares its name with a town from The Elder Scrolls: Arena.
  • The name "Amol" is of the Hindu religion; "A" means the opposite of and "mol" means price. The derived meaning of this is "priceless."

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