Fall of the Space Core, Vol 1

Released February 7, 2012
Size 29.708 MB
Availability PC only
Required Version

Fall of the Space Core, Vol 1 is an official mod for Skyrim created by Valve and Bethesda, in celebration of the release of the Steam Workshop.


Official Summary

To celebrate the opening of the Steam Workshop for Skyrim, Valve and Bethesda have teamed up to bring you the Portal 2 Space Core mod, which will let the aggressively space-centric little robot tag along on your adventures in Tamriel.

Also, since Skyrim was the only major release of 2011 without Nolan North in it, you should consider this mod a patch to fix that problem. You can now feel free to include Skyrim in the "Nolan North" section of your video game library, which is to say, your video game library.




Fall of the Space Core, Vol 1 content


  • The Space Core weighs a simplified version of pi: 3.14 which is rounded down to 3.1 in game.
  • The item values are powers of 2 commonly used in computing.


  • Attempting to place the Space Core on the Atronach Forge while in possession of the Sigil Stone will duplicate the latter.
    • To place the Space Core, you will need to drop all Sigil Stones from your inventory.
  • After a prolonged period outside the inventory, the Space Core may stop idly talking. It will still talk upon interaction.
    • This can be fixed by placing it on the Atronach Forge pedestal.
  • If you drop the Space Core inside Breezehome and leave it there, you will be able to hear the Space Core talking within other buildings.



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