Enhanced Crossbow

enhanced crossbow crossbows weapons skyrim wiki guide
Base Damage 19
Weapon Type Archery, Crossbows
Upgrade Material Steel Ingot
Weight 15

Enhanced Crossbow is a Crossbow in Skyrim. Crossbows have higher base damages than regular bows but have longer time between shots. Crossbows receive bonuses from the Archery skills and perks with a variety of bonuses and additions allowing players to even get time slow effects. Crossbows need bolts that they fire at enemies and do not work when out of bolts. There are only 4 crossbows added to Skyrim from the Dragonborn DLC, all crossbows have a 50% chance to stagger targets.


How to get Enhanced Crossbow in Skyrim

Can be obtain after completing the Quest Ancient Technology by asking Durak about the weapon

Can only be made after the quest Ancient Technology and asking Sorine Jurard how to create them. It requires the Steel Smithing perk to be crafted at the Fort Dawnguard.

  • 1 Crossbow
  • 2 Corundum Ingot


Skyrim Enhanced Crossbow Effect

All Crossbows have a 50% chance to Stagger targets


Skyrim Enhanced Crossbow Upgrades and Enchantment

Benefits from the Steel Smithing perk

Can be upgraded with Steel Ingot


Enhanced Crossbow Notes & Tips

  • Enhanced Crossbow other Notes, Tips, and Trivia.



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