Dragonbone Dagger

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Base Damage 12
Weapon Type One-Handed, Daggers
Upgrade Material Dragon Bone
Weight 6.5

Dragonbone Dagger is a Dagger in Skyrim. Daggers have the shortest reach but fastest attack speed of all melee weapons. Daggers receive bonuses from the One-handed skill and perks and in particular benefit from the Sneak perk Assassin's Blade with a huge 15 times sneak damage to enemies. 


How to get Dragonbone Dagger in Skyrim

Can be made with the Dragon Armor perk and Smithing level 100

  • 1 Dragon Bone
  • 1 Leather strip


Skyrim Dragonbone Dagger Effect

Does not provide any additional effects


Skyrim Dragonbone Dagger Upgrades and Enchantment

Benefits from the Dragon Armor perk

Can be upgraded with Dragon Bone


Dragonbone Dagger Notes & Tips

  • Dragonbone Dagger other Notes, Tips, and Trivia.



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