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Darklight Tower is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 

Darklight Tower is a tower located south-west of Snow-Shod Farm and south-east of Largashbur.

The tower contains several chests filled with loot, including three skill books: 2920, Sun's Dawn, v2, Horror of Castle Xyr and Mystery of Talara, v3.



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Points of interest

  • Horror of Castle Xyr (Destruction) – on a table in tower apex.
  • Mystery of Talara, Book III (Destruction) – in a locked door chamber on table overlooking spike pit.
  • 2920, vol 02 - Sun's Dawn (Illusion) – in a hagraven chamber.
  • Staff of Hag's Wrath – Looted from Silvia at the tower's apex.



Darklight Tower Maps

Darklight Tower Quests Map

Darklight Tower Treasure Map 



  • There is a key-only closet; the key can be obtained from Illia's inventory.
  • There is a master-leveled chest in one of the rooms.
  • If the tower is difficult to find, open the world map; on it is the big lake near Riften. There are three bigger islands, forming a triangle. The tower is directly south of the lower-left island. It can also be seen from Largashbur, the Orc Stronghold in the The Rift.
  • While a horse is helpful in climbing up to the back of the dungeon, that isn't recommended, as there is one door that can only be opened from the entrance side.

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