Cicero's Gloves

ciceros gloves clothing skyrim wiki guide
Base Armor 0
Armor Class Clothing, Gloves
Upgrade Material N/A
Weight 1

Cicero's Gloves is a Clothing Gloves in Skyrim. Clothing does not provide any armor but are very light weight and make little sound. Many town NPCs wear clothing instead of armor. Clothing can be found with or given enchantments to grant additional effects for players.


How to get Cicero's Gloves in Skyrim

Can be found on Cicero

Can only be obtained during the Quest The Cure of Madness or by making him a follower


Skyrim Cicero's Gloves Effect

Double sneak attack damage with One-handed weapons


Skyrim Cicero's Gloves Upgrades and Enchantment

Cannot be upgraded


Cicero's Gloves Notes & Tips

  • Cicero's Gloves other Notes, Tips, and Trivia.



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