Bujold's Retreat

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Bujold's Retreat is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

Bujold's Retreat is a temporary camp for the Nords who have been exiled from their Thirsk Mead Hall by a group Rieklings on Solstheim.

The camp features six tents with eight bed rolls, a cooking pot, a wood chopping block, and a tanning rack. After Retaking Thirsk the camp is completely dismantled.


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Points of interest

  • To the north-east, along the shore: Iron Ore Vein.
  • To the west, up hill, into the rocks: Chest ~2530 Gold value (L71).
  • Ebony Bow, Steel Horned Helmet, Glass Dagger and knapsack ~270; chest ~520 Gold value (L71).



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