Blue Palace

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Jarl Elisif the Fair
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Blue Palace is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 

The Blue Palace is the keep of the Jarl of Solitude.



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Points of interest

  • Surfeit of Thieves (Lockpicking) - can be found at the bottom of the Pelagius Wing.


Dungeons.pngPelagius Wing

  • This part of the palace is sealed off and uninhabited, poorly lit and filled with cobwebs, and random low value objects scattered across the wing. This wing is where Pelagius the Mad lived before becoming Emperor and is said to be cursed. Excluding the maids who enter it for cleaning every so often, it is generally avoided by the inhabitants of the palace. If starting the quest for the Daedric Prince of Madness; Sheogorath, named "The Mind of Madness", upon obtaining the key from Falk Firebeard, a journey into the depths of the long-dead ruler's mind itself is granted.

Dark Anchor.pngCellar

  • Head down the private steps to a chamber of beds and a chest.

    After completion of the Stormcloak questline, any of the original Jarls that sided with theImperials, such as Jarl Balgruuf the Greater, along with their stewards, housecarls, children, and siblings will stay here.

Group Boss.pngJarl's throne room

  • Atop the curved stairs (or the private ones) is the main chamber where Jarl Elisif the Fair resides and listens to the news of the day and any worries her subjects may have. She is guarded by Bolgeir Bearclaw, her Housecarl. She is flanked by Sybille Stentor (Court Wizard), Falk Firebeard (Steward), and two Thanes, Erikur and Bryling.

Group Dungeon.pngNortheast corridor

  • To the left (northeast) is a corridor where one will find a book titled Lost Legends on a low table (one can read it to start the quest "Forbidden Legend"). The corridor leads to the court wizard's bedroom. There is an Arcane Enchanter and some impressive staffs, potions, and books on show here. To the north is Falk's small bedroom and the Jarl's bedchamber. This impressive room has a small alcove with the Speech skill book Biography of the Wolf Queen and an Unusual Gem on the bedside cabinet.


Blue Palace Maps

Blue Palace Quests Map

Blue Palace Treasure Map 



  • A secret tunnel entrance leading straight to the Queen Potema's bedchambers is mentioned in The Wolf Queen, Book VIII, but does not appear in-game.
  • The palace bears features typical of a French or early Italian Renaissance building. It also has Romanesque features and some Gothic.
  • The food and harvestable plants are tagged "steal" until the completion of the quest "The Man Who Cried Wolf" or the miscellaneous quest "Kill the Vampire" at Pinemoon Cave, at which point they become tagged "take."
  • If the Dragonborn decides to side with the Stormcloaks, each Imperial Jarl and their followers will reside here after each province is taken. They will insult the Dragonborn if approached, though they will still offer quests and radiant bounties if one were to interact with them.
  • Despite being an Imperial Jarl (she only becomes one if the Rift is exchanged for the Reach during "Season Unending"), Maven Black-Briar is not relocated here if Riften was seized later on in the Stormcloak questline. This is likely due to her political connections.

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