Ashfallow Citadel

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Ashfallow Citadel is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 

Ashfallow Citadel is an old Imperial fort in the north-west of the Sun Stone, in the eastern part of Solstheim.

Inside the tower, in the cellar a stone door cannot be opened initially, until the quest Served Cold.

The inner parts of the citadel are defended by Morag Tong assassins (×8) and the Severin family.



Ashfallow Citadel Quests








Points of interest

  • Two Heart Stone veins to the left of the main building.
  • East Empire Company Strongbox immediately to the left after entering the main door.
  • Morag Tong armor can be looted off of the many Morag Tong Assassins here.
  • An assortment of Chitin Armor as well as a safe containing random valuables can be found in the first room of the main hall, on the right.
  • Vendil Severin carries Chitin Bracers of Eminent Wielding (heavy) and Chitin Armor of the Eminent Knight (heavy).



Ashfallow Citadel Maps

Ashfallow Citadel Quests Map

Ashfallow Citadel Treasure Map 



  • Arcane enchanter, in the first room on the left side of the long lower corridor
  • Alchemy lab, in the first room on the left side of the long lower corridor (on the same table as the enchanter)

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